Courtney suggested for weeks before we left that I start a blog.  Her urgings were so “Courtney-esque”; positive, subtle reminders, telling me I had so much to say…everything a guy wants to hear and the manner in which most guys want to hear it.  The perfect ego stroke and not once did I ever feel nagged!  So here we are a couple of weeks into our trip and, after not setting up my own blog, Courtney invited me to be a guest author on  This was basically code for “I’m sick of you talking to me all the time.  Why don’t you write about it in a blog?”  But of course she said, “Honey, that’s a great blog topic!  Why don’t you write about it and post it on my blog”?  Voila!  I’d been masterfully manipulated…and I’m glad to be along for the ride!
So here goes!
Bangkok is a typical city, only bigger.  The only thing I didn’t like about it was the smog.  There are a lot of tuk-tuks, scooters, and cars that make for one big exhaust fume (think Denver in the 80’s before emissions controls.  Back then you could see the brown/gray layer as you came down Floyd Hill). Bangkok is worse.  As our stay was short it was no big deal.  Courtney and I went running a couple of times. The second time we ran in a park near our hotel   The park was nice and we had the company of other fitness-minded people including elderly people doing Tai Chi, young men playing a cool combo of soccer and volleyball, and people working out in general. At one point here at about 8am everyone stopped moving at once and stood at attention as what we think was the Thai National Anthem came over loudspeakers throughout the park.  We went along with the crowd and did our best to show respect…it was a nice moment. We hit the main tourist sites, used the Sky Train, and took advantage of local food…including a Tom Yum soup that pretty much blew the top of Kenady’s head off because it was so spicy!  Another highlight was the fact that when we arrived in Bangkok the Red Sox had won the World Series…that was a nice way start the trip despite it being totally American!
That’s it for now…Part 2 soon!

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