To my Mother:

Mom,  you are amazing to me! You were a beauty with a rebellious spirit and didn’t always choose the most supportive men or make the best decisions, but you approached life as a learning experience.   In the early 70s you were 20 something in college, single with 2 little kids working at “Buffums.” We lived in Belmont Shore, Naples, Long Beach, Ca. above a little corner store at “Courtney’s Fountain” with a diet of russian borscht & eggs.

With a little support from family & friends, Aunt Patty’s wardrobe and the public bus system, you finally finished college and WE were on our way to a new life & career.

We lived with Papa Nate in Dayton, Ohio. Papa somehow tolerated the energetic toddlers running around the 2-bed condo and splashing at the pool. His only break from the chaos was our weekend visits to see great aunts and grandma. He got a break and WE got sweet spaghetti & chocolates. Eventually, WE moved for a better job and then WE moved again and got a dog.

We didn’t make your relationships any easier, but you are a beauty so men were always around. The farm was a “romantic”(sarcastic) time with pigs, sheep, goats, a cow, cats and lots of big dogs. WE worked hard and you did DOUBLE time at work and home. Picking up soybeans behind the combine on a hot August day comes to mind. Oh how we whined and wished we were anywhere but there. You somehow made it better with ice cream and swimming at Silver Lake. Dinner was Iceberg lettuce with garden fresh tomatoes & green beans, out of the box au gratin potatoes and not as well received, “Sam Meatloaf.”

I remember when WE celebrated your raise to $10 a hour! How did you do it? You always figured out a way to save and to make things happen, have fun and celebrate life. You survived the teen-years of attitude, self-righteousness, boyfriend drama, drinking & driving, sports and you never EVER had a break. You worked 3 jobs to get me though college with little debt, survived and supported & encouraged my shifts across the country. You were there for me with no judgement only support when I called sobbing because of a surprise pregnancy. When both of my babies were born you were there to help me though the haze of a new born and I cried when you had to leave.

You are my ROCK, my Inspiration and my Hero. I love you Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day