I woke up, yes, woke up with a big smile in my heart!  I had slept on the flight.  That was a first for me and honestly, I was highly suspect that I would get any shut-eye on the flight to from LAX to Taipei, Tawain.  It was a 14+ hour flight and I was ready.  I popped my head out of the tiny blanket tent I had made for myself as a false layer of protection from the coughing passenger behind me and with hopes my kids wouldn’t bug me. Thank you Ambien!


The China Airlines Flight was full of mostly, what seemed like, Middle Class Asian adults and families. The Flight Attendants were dressed in Pale Pink and Purple suites with perfect makeup and always smiling. Almost like a commercial. This was not a new plane, but it worked perfectly and the service was impeccable.  There were multiple varieties of meals available to passengers …. Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Childs, Kosher which was kind of cool.  Our vegetarian meals were creative and a little interesting, but we had snacks so the meals were “bonus.”

Don’t forget the Snacks! Really important on those long flights because as much as you know you should not be eating as you sit on a 14 hours flight, sometimes that is what is needed to keep the kids happy.  My kids are a bit older so we had other things to do, but the snacks were appreciated.

The flight from Taipei to Bangkok seemed longer the first flight, but actually only 3.5 hours. We were all ready to leap out of our seats as soon as we landed in Bangkok.

The Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok is beautiful.
IMG_7199Contemporary in design, clean and signed well. We easily went through immigration, found our luggage and our driver/ride to the hotel. I felt safe and relaxed the entire time. Overall it was a good experience and a great start to our adventure. We were still exhausted and worked by the jet lag for a day or so, but recovered quite nicely. More on our Bangkok Hotel and City Adventures soon. Enjoying the Climb!