Aberdeen, Scotland (2) – Top Five Favorite Finds

Julie picked me up at the Aberdeen Train Station. The public transportation in Scotland is incredible, fast, and clean. It was so great to see her beautiful face and laughing blue eyes. We did a tour of Aberdeen first thing, including a lovely little seaside village, Footdee, an abandoned castle, and then to a beach along the North Sea to walk the dogs where we found two kite-boards battling the cold, angry surf. She has a dry wit that sneaks up on me. We finished up with a visit to the market for a few items that catered to my personal dietary needs. She and her husband, Ian, live just outside Aberdeen in the beautiful countryside. The view out the kitchen window of her 1889 stone flat is out of a Peter Cottontail book. All of the rooms have doors, including the kitchen and living room. The interior is light, casual, and comfortable. The rooms are large and spacious, with more than enough room for her, Ian, and her two black labs. I slept in an antique bed she found at a sale, and Ian spent days refinishing it. They built a lovely fire that helps warm me up and cook a fantastic veggie dinner with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. She’s an amazing cook! Ian was so charming with stories and photos. Jeff and I are heading to India after this, and he pulled out old photos he took in India and shared a few recommendations.

Julie and I are heading to the Shetland Islands in the morning on an early flight that I booked, thinking the airport was close to their house, which is a good hour away. So our 6:15 am flight meant we had to get up at 4:00 am. Ugh. Bless their patience, they were super good-humored about it, and Ian even made us coffee.

(photo below: Julie and Ian at dinner)

  1. The seaside village of Footdee, known by the Scots as Fittie. This tiny settlement dated back to medieval times and housed sailors and their awaiting families. (photo below)
  2. Slain’s Castle is an abandoned castle that is rumored to be the inspiration for Bram Stokers, Count Dracula (1897).
  3. The King’s College Chapel near the University of Aberdeen. If you like old churches and exploring graveyards, this one will be a real find. The church and gravesites date back to the15th century!
  4.  Lagom Life  – A Swedish philosophy of life adopted by many Scot women includes moderation and balance.  
  5. Joesph Joesph – nesting storage containers.

Behind the Scenes

Excited to check out Wool Week in Lerwick, the Shetland Islands, with Julie and psyched to see these humans. We first met on the Grand Canyon, and its fun to hear their take on that experience a year later. 

Enjoy the Climb!