I feel lucky

I feel lucky. Lucky in the sense of where I live and the people that surround me. We just witnessed an election that will, no doubt, will be one for the history books.  It spotlighted a division in our country that makes me sad.  When I am sad, to dig myself out, I focus on what makes me happy.  In the present moment, I roll up my sleeves and target what is front of me:  my community and people in my space.

Where I live

Breckenridge, Colorado is my home.  Sometimes I pinch myself in disbelief that I live here. My first visit to Breckenridge was during a cross-country road trip while in college in California. On a recommendation, we stopped in Breckenridge for the day to check it out. The dreamy snowy scene was mesmerizing for me. I remember being struck by the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountains and the colorful funky shops on Main Street. I recall being envious of a dreadlocked snowboarder and skiers walking to (or from) the slopes and found myself drawn to uniqueness of it all.  I told my friend Brenda, “I am going to live here someday.”

Five years later I was back and started my life in Breckenridge. It wasn’t easy at first, and like most of the “freshman” moving to town it was a crazy creative game of making ends meet and skiing/riding as much as possible. I’m still here and I feel lucky to live in this vibrant mountain community where most people only dream to come on vacation.

Nestled between the Ten Mile Range and Baldy Mountain, Breckenridge is a little gem at the foot of a world-class ski resort.  A laid-back mountain town with about 4,600 year-round residents, the population balloons a few times year with the ski season and the peak of summer. There is a thriving local business community, active adventure culture and an arts district that is imaginative, yet approachable.

Summit County is one of the most educated counties in the country. It’s not surprising to find ski instructors, bartenders and business owners with Masters degrees. The residents are accepting, open minded, known for trending toward green, environmentally conscious living and a common love of the outdoors.

Lincoln Park lights on

With all that, it isn’t surprising that finding a place to live can be challenging. I am fortunate to live in the original section of Lincoln Park at the Wellington Neighborhood one mile east of Main Street and free bus ride to the ski area. It’s a neighborhood where the lights are always on and the kids fill the streets. We feel safe letting the kids run, ride and scooter from one end of the neighborhood to the other. I know my neighbors and we share iris and lupine bulbs, hot soup and cold beers on sunny afternoons.

I feel lucky.  Lucky to live in a place that thinks locally and acts globally.  Lucky to be surrounded by neighbors and friends who truly care about each other.  Lucky to wake up each morning to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Please help me spread the good vibes and post a comment on what makes you feel lucky.


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