Everyday there are new tips, strategies and ideas on how to manage your social media accounts, create interesting content for your website and stay updated on the pulse of what is new for inbound marketing. Honestly, it is overwhelming.  And I am sure it is overwhelming for most small business owners.

I find that simple strategies & ideas work best for me.  I like when “infographic” or “5 steps to creating …” is in the title.  When simplified in this way, I find the blogs or articles easier to read and easier for my mind to understand.

Like most small business owner, I am the Social Media Manager, Web Developer, Blogger as well as the CEO, CFO and the cleaning service.  To fit all of that in and still get in a daily hour workout and get the kids off to school, I have become “routine” oriented (sometimes to fault), but it helps.

If I can fit in just a few daily habits into my morning routine that will help me become a more effective social media manager … I am interested.

Aj Kumar, Entreprener.com article “5 Daily Habits for Effective Social Media Marketing” was very helpful for me and a good, quick read ….

  1. Check the pulse of your social profiles: Basically, log into your social profiles. Many companies spend time to create social media accounts on facebook or twitter …etc, but then never do anything with the profiles.  The first step is to login. Easy enough.
  2. Respond to direct interactions from followers: Respond, Interact and be present.
  3. Post simulating content to encourage conversation:
    • Ask a provocative question
    • Share an article,blog or recent news item
    • Post an inspirational photo or quote
  4. Seek out new followers: If you are a startup or just getting started on social media, you’ll want to be a little proactive when it comes to building up a follower base for your business. (How do you do that?) There are multiple ways to do this on facebook and twitter, but Aj says to direct message leading industry figures that you follow … more to follow on this.
  5. Search for your company’s branded terms: Conduct a quick search of any of your company’s branded phases, your name, common misspellings or abbreviation that you are aware of. See what people might be saying or asking about your company or brand … These mentions could be left unanswered or unsolicited – seeking them out enable you to connect with potential follower.

Good luck and enjoy the climb …