How do people find your website?
When a customer walks into your store, you can greet them by asking, “Hi, so how did you find us?” If you want the same insight from customers who visit you online, Google Analytics is your tool!

Google Analytics shows you:

  • Where your visitors are coming from (search engines, social media, shared links..etc)
  • How many of them are new vs returning
  • How much time people spend browsing your site
  • Which are the most popular landing pages

Track your marketing dollar …

Find out which of your marketing efforts – newsletters, social media or promotions – bring the most customers to your site, and use that information to make your marketing plan smarter and more cost-effective.

Try the URL Builder tool to track and compare the success of your marketing campaigns and promotions. Then view the results in your All Traffic Report.

Be careful, It’s addicting.