I have never said to myself, “self, going for that run was NOT a good idea.”  It just never happens.  Today started early with some new learning material that conjured up a tornado of images & ideas.

Feelings of excited anxiousness fill up my system and it sent me off into a frenzy.  That was all before 8 am!  Around noon I realized I needed to get outside. I needed to get a run in or I was going to loose my focus.

I still had 3 different Facebook posts I wanted to get in around 1:30 or 2:00pm when everyone gets back from lunch, but didn’t want to wait!  Then it came to me, I should use that fancy new Facebook tool that allows you to “schedule” a Facebook Post. So I pulled together the posts and schedule them for :45 minutes later so I could get out for my run and get my post out on time. This is where you will find the “sharing tool” on your page:

Follow the instruction below:















Also, A new help center page from Facebook also outlines how brand pages can now dole out specific duties to multiple page admins, each with varying degrees of permissions.

Review the chart on the help center page for the new roles of manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser and insights analyst.









So go for a run, go away for the weekend or on a vacation in Mexico! Now there are a few new tools you can use to get away from you computer and take a break. I did and it was much needed and turned out to be a beautiful day! Enjoy!