As I learn more and more about optimizing websites for search engines, often I read about “keyword search terms.”  Google has Google Adwords which helps website developers determine the most used & effective search words for your website.  There are many many websites and blogs that spotlight how to find the best search words for your site.  But apparently, all that could be drastically changing in 2013.

In a recent article posted on HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Blog, they made a very telling statement “We’re recognizing that optimization is about more than just search engine rankings, and requires a more holistic view of the top of the marketing funnel, including where people are landing on your website, and how easily they’re converting.”

Which means “Website Optimization” will be more about :

  • Identifying and promoting our highest converting offers
  • Breathing new life into classic, high-performing content that didn’t get the love it deserved when it was first published
  • Identifying low- and high-converting landing pages, seeing how they align with the rest of our marketing strategies, and ensuring they’re being promoted in the right ways to help them perform their best

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“Keyword research is still important in order to come up with high-value terms to create content around, but don’t expect to track the results the way you used to for much longer. SEO is changing. Is your organization keeping up?”