Small Business’s are the cornerstone of our local economies. They give back to the communities, give our kids jobs, stock supplies, gifts, clothes, gear and tools we need all year around.

Small Business owners are not only the CEO and CFO, but they are also the sales people, merchandisers and cleaning crew at the end of the day.  Were do they find time to learn about Social Media & Inbound Marketing and why do they care?

They should care because today people are looking for information differently then they did 5, 3 even 1 year ago.  Customers are searching and relying on social media to communicate. Social media & Internet have leveled the playing field for small business owners, helping foster relationships with new and existing customers.  Social media is a tool that enables business owners to “stay in front” of those customers with updates, promotions, spotlight articles and sales.

Christine Dugas, USA Today, November 12, 2012 says, “But not all small businesses take advantage of the tools for social connections.

In New York City, for example, fewer than 20% of small businesses are capitalizing on technology, says a Smarter Small Business report released in August by the Center for an Urban Future (CUF). In particular, they found that there is a technology gap among neighborhood-based mom-and-pop firms.

“It’s more important than ever for small-business owners to bridge the gap because they are facing more competition, and this can differentiate them and have them stay relevant with existing customers,” says Jonathan Bowles, director of CUF.”

Most small business are aware of social media and the internet, but are spread so thin and wonder how they will find time to fit one more thing into their day and others simply don’t get it and think it’s a waste of time.

There are web marketing companies that offer websites development & social-media services and bloggers who will create content and post, but these skills are in demand and often exceed the small business owner’s budget.

Climbbetty believes there is a happy medium.  Small Businesses can start small and build at their comfort level.  It all starts with a creative, well designed website that is a snapshot of your concept, business or product and then get setup on the social media platforms that make sense for your business.  Pay a web designer for that and also schedule some social media training sessions on the basics of how to login, update and post on those platforms.

Then business owners must commit to the relationship.  Embrace social media slowly and at a comfortable pace. Learn how to have fun, build their brand and expand their audience. It will not take long and there are many many resources for a business owner to use.  This plan is much less intimidating and much MORE cost effective.

Here is your first resource, I found that this article that Heidi Cohen spelled it out very simply “How Your Business Can Succeed At Social Media in 9 Simple Steps.”  Contact me to learn more about how Climbbetty can get you started and make it work for your budget.  Enjoy the climb …