What do you want your website to do for you?  Most of the business owners (small & startup) I talk to have a website.  Most likely, those business owners will tell you in the next sentence that it was created a few years ago and needs an update or that they just aren’t really sure how it is benefiting their business. In my mind, those are clear signs that their website needs some attention and redirection.

Let’s first focus on the most valuable real estate online, The Homepage. The Homepage is a company’s virtual front door, first impression, first point of contact for a potential client and in most cases, it gets the majority of the web traffic.  But is your homepage generating leads or sales? The homepage wears many hats and serves many audiences who may come from different places. In order for a home page to work, it needs to contain key elements that educate visitors and convert leads to clients.

I believe that a business website should first present the culture & mood of a company. It should also represent what you offer and answer the questions:

  •  Is this company credible?
  • Are they professional?
  • Does this site offer what I need?

These are good questions to ask yourself in the design process.  Often times folks put too much emphasis on how a site looks instead of how it works, but design does play an important role in making a good first impression.

Consider these Tips for a Great Website Design:

  •  Great Content: Be sure your content speaks to the audience and answers their questions. It should be to the point, flow and convince visitors to take a closer look.
  • Images & media: Avoid anything flashing or moving. It isn’t cool. Use images or graphics that support content and culture. Most people are visual and a good Image is worth a thousands words.
  • Color Schemes: The right colors will draw in our audience. Avoid a chaotic mix of color and instead, pick two to four colors for your template and marketing materials
  • Layout : A clear, organized page with no clutter. Don’t be afraid of White space
  • Typography:  Be sure your website is legible. Use font, font size and font colors that are easy to read. Select sections of creative typography are fun and add flare.

As we mentioned above, the design must also generate leads and convert leads to clients.  The homepage has a lot of responsibility! There is so much information on the web that will tell you all of the critical elements every homepage must have, but I like to keep things simple so I have narrowed it down to 5 Important Elements you must have on your Homepage.

5 Elements Every Homepage must have …

  1. Headline – In 3 seconds, a website needs to answer “What does this site offer?” Keep the message clear and simple.
  2. Benefits – Why should leads use your company? Leads want a lot of awesome content and information about the benefits and advantages of using your company.
  3. Call-to-Action – Capture a leads’s contact information with creative content that answers one of their questions. For example a free article “5 questions to ask your wedding planner” or “ 3 yummy gluten free cookie recipes” or “ Best selling board games for kids 5-8 years old.”
  4. Features/Resource – List of your key features, simple navigation with links to resources so prospects can learn more about the products and services you provide.
  5. Supporting Images – Most people are visual. Be sure to use photos and/or video that clearly represent your product.

Whew, with all of that in mind, I found 5 Brilliant Homepage Examples that, I think, could inspire your next Homepage redesign. Be sure to click the link and visit the actual website. In some cases, the images below do not show the entire homepage or tell the entire story.

5 Brilliant Homepage Examples:

Platypus Designer Ducttape






Why this site is Brilliant:

The colors, presentation and images are inviting and the slideshow gives great examples of how their product can be used. The high resolution images and simple navigation make it easy to get more information.








Why this site is Brilliant:

The Image sets the culture of the company. The Homepage does a great job of presenting the most important aspect, message of the site in the CENTER of the page. The Call to Action “20% discount” is simple and draws your attention.  The simple navigation is inviting & feels like home.


Flint Boutique











Why this site is Brilliant:

The use of typography & color is creative and imaginative. The navigation is simple and inviting.  Their Social Media invite is big and bold, but inviting and fun. Links to examples of their work & other resources.


Scotch & Soda Amsterdam Couture











Why this site is Brilliant:

The use of Images and video on the homepage in a grid style format.  The navigation is simple & stationary and locked as you browses the website.  Blog Posts & Social Media buttons are easy to find and informative. The call to action is at the bottom of the page, which isn’t ideal, but works for this site.


Liam Doran Photography






Why this site is Brilliant:

As a website for professional photography services, this homepage displays well what visitors are looking for. The simple navigation, easy access to samples of work and the social media “share & follow” are easy to find and inviting.

There are so many brilliant homepage designs on the web now and each one speaks to a different audience. As a business owner you need to consider the information above when redesigning your homepage & website so that it not only appeals to your audience, but also captures their attention for longer then 3 seconds and converts them from prospects to clients.

I will be the first to tell you that I am fresh, hungry and just learning the infinite art of web design, but I have skills, imagination, passion and a desire to learn. With the help of a web consulting team that has 30 years of experience combined,  Climbbetty  will help you redesign or create an effective & creative homepage & website for your business.

Enjoy the climb …