The Meaning & Mission

Dedicated to this Adventure called LIFE. We all must endure the Climb. The hill climb in a trail run or on a mountain bike.  The climb up the corporate ladder or within the cliques of a small town. The climb to make a relationship, your business or family life just a little bit better. Appreciate the sweat, tears and the crash & burns. Those tough times make the small achievements and “Ah ha” moments even MORE exhilarating in our pursuit for the summit.

It’s the climb to make life a little more interesting, to see and appreciate your world.  I commend your efforts and hope to inspire you to see the “extraordinary” in your life. It is all about your personal & business adventures and what you make of them.


Are you a Climbbetty?


Climbbetty wants to help you reach your goals with fun and effective web design, photography and video at an affordable price.  It seems as though the design elements and marketing technology of today will be reinvented tomorrow.  Of course, it doesn’t happen that fast, but fast enough!   We enjoy the challenge, the research and the notion that everyday we learn something new.  With that, we will pass along the most helpful tips, elements, plugins and strategies along to you!

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