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Media is a broad term to describe the medium of communication. Communication is the cornerstone of every business. You want to effectively communicate with the global community about your product, service, or event.

Most importantly, you want this communication to instantly give prospects a true sense of your product or event whether that is a real estate or Airbnb listing, mountain bike race, brick-and-mortar business or online shop.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

Albert Einstein

Not surprising, the nature of business marketing is now video and image-heavy content, social media feeds (stories), and websites. says “the rise of Stories and the way in which people consume media have all contributed to making video more important than ever before, meaning it pays to be aware of the video marketing trends for 2020. In fact, 83% of marketers believe that video is becoming increasingly important, which signals the start of more brands using them as part of their digital marketing strategies.” One of the popular trends for 2020 is More Showing Less Explaining. Video allows us to do more than just provide an explanation in text or as a voiceover. It can allow us to just show what things look like, how they work, what they’re made of, and how they can fit into your life. Sometimes all without words. Think Masterclass, putting Ikea furniture together, and the silent videos trend.

MEDIA tells your unique story. Each endeavor calls for a thoughtful strategy. Whether it is an engaging photoblog or short captivating video, Facebook cover shot, or images for your website there is a message in each mission. Outstanding creativity doesn’t just happen.

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